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good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. there compromise in the works in washington. both parties meet at the white house in hammering out the deal in raising the debt limit and achieving long term deficit reduction. with just two days and under 12 hours until the government runs short on cash to pay all of its bills, with less time before stock markets around the world begin monday trading. both sides say they are close to an agreement and a framework by cutting the deficit by $3 trillion. jonathan carl reports. >> harry reid called off a vote on his debt ceiling plan citing progress toward a deal. >> we have a move toward cooperation and compromise. >> congressional sources tell us that two sides have tentatively agreed to a framework, debt ceiling increase up to $2.4
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trillion, enough to last through the presidential election. agreement on more than $1 trillion in spending cuts over ten years. a new special congressional committee that would recommend additional deficit reduction of more than a trillion dollars. if congress doesn't act on that committee's plan, automatic spending cuts would be imposed including cuts to defense and medicare. there was automatic cuts are designed to be painful to both sides forcing them to act on the committee's recommendation. the tentative deal capped a day of bitter acrimony on capitol hill. >> there is no excuse important the unpatriotic behavior on the part of the republicans. >> god is my witness, we will not compromise on our principles. >> this is disgraceful moment. >> the american people are looking for real solutions! >> now the question is whether rank and file members can accept
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a deal negotiated by their leadership. >> the details are still being worked out and nobody has signed on the dotted line yet but i am told the congressional leadership will brief their members on the outline on the deal later today. >> while both parties are determined to have a debt limit increase in place come tuesday, there is no deal yet in the framework for long term deficit reduction. it leaves the toughest decisions yet to be formed congressional committee. should any reduction come more from spending cuts or should it come from tax increases? white house advisor david plus appears opposite lindsay graham on abc's this week. >> i think it's been a healthy debate. i think the american people understand more about the deficit, about there is no easy answers. it's been a healthy debate here in washington. any long term deficit reduction is going to include revenues and smart entitlement reform.
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>> we have not achieved entitlement change. we not reduced the size and scope of government. we are bloing going in the wrong direction and that is not winning. you can see that neither party is particularly happy or will be celebrating any political victory even if a debt limit compromise is reached in time to head off the impending financial crisis. california in the montana is making preparations in case the tentative deal falls through. state senator mark leno says lawmakers have to budge. >> compromise is what is necessary right now. president has put forth proposals and democratic legislative leaders have put forth compromise proposals and that will mean unpleasant cuts we'll feel here in california but tax revenue that we used to have to bring in it balance. >> bill lok year borrowed from
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private investors to ensure that california does not run out of cash. that was a case in case the state can't borrow the money it needs. if there is no deal, here are some of the possible repercussions. stocks would plummet decreasing the value of 401-ks and government would stop sending checks to military troops and social security checks would stop. if they do come to an agreement the u.s. could have their credit rating downgraded so that means the interest rates on your credit cards and mortgages might go up slightly. record your thoughts on your cellphone or digital camera and upload it to us so we can tell your story. a court in tehran will
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reportedly issue a verdict within a week in the espionage trail in two u.c. berkeley graduates accused of illegally crossing into iran. the iranian lawyer is hopeful both men will be released even if they find them guilty since they have been in prison for two years to the day. if the court orders their release it would take an additional week before they go free. at the trial in iran they maintained their innocence. bower's fiance was released last year on bail due to health reasons. she was not summoned back for today's hearing. >> in santa cruz, people are dealing with expensive damage to their cars. someone went on a vandalism free in weekend slashing tires, even scratching swastikas on parked cars. it happened off of highway 1.
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police are collecting evidence that will likely lead to hate crime charges for the culprit. >> four cars with scratched cars. how did i feel? >> all the tires on four feels vehicles were slashed. they say it happened between 11:00 and 1:00. four cars were slashed. one has a swastika keyed into the paint. he discovered it this morning after he saw car after car had flat tires. >> i think there were two guys, coming down the street. the other guy was slashing tires. >> this prius has a swastika keyed into the hood. six vehicles had the hate symbol on their paint. patty williams was surprised to see all her neighbors out this
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morning. >> people were in a daze. people were coming out, it was like a cartoon. you see a all these flat tires everywhere. it was like, who would have done this? >> the damage is extensive and expensive. >> because i had to replace all four tires, it was probably about $900. >> santa cruz police have found some physical evidence that might lead them to a suspect and want more information. >> we definitely called the investigation and if they knew of any parties or anything going on we could potentially find suspects. >> santa cruz police say they don't know whether they were random acts of vandalism or people targeted but because of the swastikas, they say they will potentially add a hate crime charge to felony vandalism. fremont police are investigating their second home's of the year after a man was found shot to death in the business district last night.
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police were called to a rental storage facility near maple street. investigators are checking with nearby businesses to see if there is surveillance video to show what happened. they are describing it as a drive-by shooting with no known suspects or motive. the victims name has not yet been released. >> scary moments for our sister station in los angeles. she was hit in the hand by a pellet from a bb gun while reporting. the impact was not captured on camera but you can hear her pause for a moment after being struck. >> rain overnight. in high land, that was one area hitting. heavy rain coming in. >> two teenagers have been taken into custody on suspicion of
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assault with a deadly weapon. she was not seriously injured. >> two marin county residents are hospitalized for injuries they suffered in a 150 foot fall from a klif. the couple was posing for photos at the edge of a bluff about a mile south of stinson beach when they suddenly slipped over the edge. >> the guy was sitting right behind the girl. the girl was in his lap and you see them tumble over. >> they climbed down the cliff until rescuers arrived. a helicopter was used and he was flown to john muir hospital in critical condition. the woman was taken to marin general hospital. she has moderate injuries. >> coming up next, the latest on that caribbean airlines plane crash in south america. how everyone survived after the
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jet crashed and split in two. >> thousands of runners and spectators are lining the streets of san francisco for the annual san francisco marathon. we'll tell you which areas you still need to avoid if you want to stay away from road closures.
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investigate a plane crash. the jet slid off the runway and split in two. 163 people including two americans were on board. incredibly everyone survived. lisa stark has the story. >> for those on board was a terrifying landing. >> i told my friend, we're going to die. >> plane skidded off the end of the runway in darkness. it split in to two. >> everybody was screaming. >> passengers scrambled to get out. >> amazingly everyone survived. >> it broke in two. we should be very grateful for that. >> caribbean flight started at j.f.k. airport stopped in trinidad and on to guyana. it was raining when the plane touched down and kept going onto
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to a dirt road. >> the first thing investigators are going to look at, flight dynamics, how far down, how fast were they and was there water on the runway that would let this them hydroplane. >> another question, was pilot fatigue a factor with the boeing landing in the wee hours of the morning? about 30 planes worldwide run off the side of a runway. most of this happens on landing and most such that is in jamaica are not fatal. the passengers in guyana were, indeed, lucky. there was no fire and the jet stopped short of a 200 feet ravine. >> another key question, did the pilot of this plane forget to open the wheel flap that would have been critical? it appears from the picture they
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may not have been deployed. the block boxes have been recovered and will help unravel this accident. this week health officials in santa cruz county are offering free whooping cough vaccinations for middle and high school students. under california law, it is requires students to get the vaccinations before school begins. the county will also offer six free clinics in august. the first will be held this wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to noon in watsonville. now this morning 25,000 runners are competing in the 34th san francisco marathon. first wave of runners started at ferry building about 5:30 this morning. the course goes along the waterfront then across the golden gate bridge as you see them there then back through golden gate park where the half marathon ends. finish line for the full 26.2 miles is at the embarcadero.
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more than 100,000 spectators are expected to be lining the route and cheering on the runners. part of the embarcadero will be closed until 2:30 this afternoon and two northbound lanes of the golden gate bridge just reopened a few minutes ago at 9:00 this morning. we already talked about what great weather we're running. >> we still have a lot gray sky but cloudy skies. 68 in downtown, got sunshine in livermore. it's going to be slow to come by early. everyone will see it later but a cooldown is in store. i'll have details next. >> thank you, lisa. also next, an a's bat that caught fire since the all-star break. and it continued last night at the coliseum and another big trade for the giants coming up in sports.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld i'm liking this weather, it's cool and i don't like it too hot. >> something for everyone. heading east but you can see the extent of a few clouds around lake tahoe. this is from heavenly mountain, partly sunny skies, storms in the forecast for the next couple of days. tropical moisture works its way north. we are looking from the mount tam where the marine deck of low
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clouds will keep it cool. breezy by late morning and numbers this morning,are looking rather cool in the north bay. 57 in novato. 59 in napa and low 60s to despite the cloud deck in fremont and mountain view. 61 in livermore and 67 in antioch and winds blowing up towards the delta. want to get you up to date in the pacific. weak one, with winds up to 40 miles an hour. it's eugene and continues to rotate but it should strengthen to about 67 miles an hour and then weaken. this is north of acapulco. putting is more active but in atlantic gets most active in september. >> back home, low clouds and fog
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high clouds moving in this afternoon with cool weather continuing for the first couple of days of august. here is the extensive low cloudiness from north to south. we will look for a slightly burn off today and in the days ahead. there is a good reason for that. we do have an area of low pressure that will continue to bring cooler than normal temperatures. so for the most part, 60s and 70s. a couple of 80s. you have to go pretty far south. garlic festival will see lower 80s. 90s, pretty far into the sacramento valley. it's been cool. here is the reason why. trough of low pressure, yet another one continues to deepen in the next couple of days allowing for the low clouds, fog and afternoon sea breeze. we're on the periphery of this moisture that continues to move into the sierra nevada. take look lightning strikes, this is down south, down by los angeles, edwards air force
9:23 am
bay. rain is streaming up to the north. diablo range, clouds developing. slight chance of showers but overall, main activity in the northern and southern sierra. 77 in campbell and 74 in sunnyvale. look for numbers to range from 61 in pacifica with late day sun to 74 in menlo park. san francisco a little cool but brighten up at 64. 77 in sonoma and near east bay and berkeley, richmond, temperatures in the upper 60s. high ward will enjoy low 70s. upper 70s in fremont with 82 in concord, pleasanton. dublin coming in at 80 degrees. monterey, looking at sun but lots of clouds down there this morning. a little cooler. not a lot of change in the days ahead. 60s, 70s and 80s should do it. cooler than normal. >> you call it moderate?
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>> yep, i do. >> let's check out sports. serena williams will meet bartoli at noon in the finals at stanford. this morning, giants shortstop went to fresno after acquiring a new short stop. here are the details. >> giants acquired orlando cabrera from cleveland in exchange for out fielder thomas neil. he won a world series with the red sox and probably stop as short stop for the g-men. madison bumgarner not his begs outing, rocking the first. two r.b.i. single, five in the first. pablo sandoval, see ya! 3450 feet. 11th of the year, hoping that madison can limit the damage. things got out of control.
9:25 am
he gives up six runs in four innings. here backing up the play. they loses their second straight 7-2 the final. believe it or not a's have the league's top batting average highest on base percentage and fewest strikeouts. they continued the trend against the twins. and michael throwing the other way. one scores, he is not so lucky and gunned down at second. 1-0 twins. now to the second 2-2. and he sends one into the gap. goes around to the third, one of 12 hits on the night. bottom of the fifth, twins intentionally walking the bases and he he makes them pay. everyone comes home on the double and a's win big, 8-3 the final. >> raiders, no one got hurt. they had a mini camp, they in
9:26 am
football shape so it's a crap shoot hoping you don't lose too many players. edwards has long time with bills and jaguars. he has terrific things for a quarterback. he was what i was looking for. he is a big, strong, physical guy who can throw the ball and very intelligent. loves football and very passionate about the game. he likes to go and study from morning to night and it's important to him. he is looking for an opportunity. meanwhile, 49ers talk has been about jim harbaugh but having to learn a completely different team. even veterans will struggle in this situation. >> everything is different as far as the terminology.
9:27 am
we have to completely put aside everything we had for the last five years. >> i can look at it and say if they are down there, what am i going to do? or say, you know what, this is something different, a new challenge. let's see if i can handle. >> it that is the way the ball bounces, i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> next at 9:30 the politics of garbage in san francisco. a major battle over where it should go and who should do it. >> a new electric car company plans to take on tesla in the race to go green.
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this week, pg&e will hold meetings with flaunts burlingame hillsborough and san mateo highlands to discuss the online natural gas pipeline inspections. yesterday, pg&e crews suspended work in san bruno after residents said they smelled gas. section of pipe was part of a line that blew up that has been inactive since the '50s. they say the crews are taking in the extra time to make sure because neighbors were with worried. >> san francisco's garbage appears to be heading to a new
9:31 am
dumping ground. the board of supervisors has approved a contract to send tons of crash to yuba county. >> there was trash talking at the board of supervisors over what to do with the city's garbage. thousand tons a day is trucked to a landfill in livermore owned by waste management. that company's deal with the city engs peirs in 2015. the supervisors voted overwhelmingly 9-2 award the new contract to another firm, recology. they plan to truck the trash to oakland and take it by train to the landfill it owns in yuba county, saying it will save customer about these $100 million over ten years. >> by rail haul we are able to take trucks off the road. >> some yuba county residents
9:32 am
and those that own farmland don't want san francisco's garbage and tried to lobby lawmakers. >> it's the counties all around yuba county. >> they are hoping for a lawsuit filed by waste management the company after the contract. they are accusing the city of having a suite had a heart deal with recology. >> what we have asked for is level playing field. this has been a two-year process if you will. we submitted a package. >> and some san francisco residents are also challenging may try to put the issue to the voters next june. starting tomorrow, a.c. transit fares go up. adult fare will increase by 10
9:33 am
cents. youth, senior and disabled fares will increase by 5 cents, trips from the east bay to san francisco and the peninsula will now cost $4.20 for adults. that fare increase was approved back on may 11th by the a.c. transit board of directors. >> another electric vehicle has entered the race to go green. on they hope to compete with tesla and get drivers to rethink how far they can go on a single charge but it is not going to come cheap. david louie reports from silicon valley. it's a cliche to call this a shiny new car but it is. it has a certain sparkle. venture capitalist say it will remove a major barrier for buyers.
9:34 am
it claims to have a range of 300 miles. they explain how that is possible. >> you get your electricity from two sources, one from a battery, which is charged by the grid by plugging it in at night and second, internal combustion engine, when you need it it burns gas to generated more electricity. so it's a single power train. >> the engine can reach a top of 120 miles an hour. it's on the pricy side but they are planning to add more models to the fleet. the interior is environmentally friendly. >> this is reclaimed wood from the bottom of lake michigan. so everything we do, we don't go down and cut trees, we use the beauty of the environment and beauty of the good that is already there. >> and on the vehicle charging
9:35 am
front, solar city is starting to sell solar powered units to keep it topped off at home. compare it to $230 if you plug it in the recall. >> it's $55 for the vehicle. >> the price of solar charging station, about $1500. and walgreen's says it's will install 800 charging stations across the country. you have been talking earlier about thunderstorms way, way south. is that still in the forecast? >> a little bit of a chance in you are in the higher elevations of mount diablo. we have plenty of thunderstorms out there right now. show them on the radar, well far away from us. but emeryville, marine layer keeping us cool and cooler than
9:36 am
average forecast. also next, who will keep the dogs in? a bay area city's campaign to a bay area city's campaign to build a local dog park. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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some dog lovers in pacifica want to unleash the power of the internet to give their pooches a new place to play. they have entered a contest to win a new dog park. jonathan bloom reports all they need is your vote. >> meet cash, the canine star of this video. it seems cash can't find any place to play without a leash in pacifica, no matter how hard he searches. >> dogs have to have exercise.
9:39 am
i've had people say to me, i'm forced to break the law every day because i have to exercise my dog and there is no place to do it. >> they started a group called pooch, pacifica organization of canine helpers. for five years they worked tirelessly to build a dog park. they found the perfect spotted behind the rec center. >> what has been the obstacle so far? >> i think money. >> they have won over the city and managed to convince the neighbors. one thing they needed for him to lose the leash is money. >> money for cash so that cash can have a place to play. >> now she is hoping the video she produced along with an editor will win them that money in an online contest called bark for your park. >> that particular took five offer six takes to get right. >> the video won cash an award
9:40 am
from the neighbors and it won pacifica in the final 15. >> in order to win the contest we need people to vote. >> the grand prize $100,000 to build the dog park. they are hoping to get enough votes to blow away the competition. and voting for the contest ends wednesday, august 3rd. to see the video and was your vote, you will find a link at under see it on tv. a lot of stuff going on around here. lisa is keeping it cool and calm just like the weather. >> very cool, 50s and 60s, no big surprises, although, are we going warm up this week? not likely, maybe towards the end of the week. we are looking at santa cruz with the fog this morning, low cloudiness, low 70s right around
9:41 am
today. we do see a couple of changes in our forecast throughout the day. sunnier skies here, still cool but moisture to talk about. a look at the possibility of rain coming close to the bay area. 67 in antioch, 61 in livermore with 63 in redwood city. 59 in half moon bay. later on in the day, moisture making its way in and around the bay area. i want to talk about what is going on in pa. it's been quiet. this tropical storm is moving into the pacific. wind are about 40 miles an hour. strengthen to about 60, 65 miles an hour and then it will weaken as it moves into the colder waters. back home we're looking at the cold air creating a stable atmosphere, low clouds and fog early on and high mid-level clouds, with sub patrolman moisture, close but doesn't look like it's going to make it in our next of the woods.
9:42 am
we will continue to see the cooler than average weather for the first couple of days of august. that is because of the extensive low clouds, the fog, afternoon sea breeze. we will be looking at pervasive 60s and 70s and couple of 80s. we should see more 90s and not going to happen today or tomorrow. in fact, the area of low pressure, beel cool weathermaker will couldn't to deepen and slide south. that will keep temperatures from getting too warm here. also in the sacramento valley, they are enjoying it. here is the moisture, around the periphery of high pressure. take a look at southern california. look at all the lightning strikes to the north around fresno, bakersfield. lancaster. it will continue to move to the north. we've had strong thunderstorms around yosemite. they will have possibility of some flash flooding there getting closer into reno and the
9:43 am
northern sierra. moisture will be in the form of cumulus buildups around the diablo range but overall we'll see a partly cloudy day today with a slight chance of a thunderstorm out in the higher elevations of the east bay. elsewhere in the south bay, nice afternoon with 75, santa clara, 74 in milpitas. look for 60s at the coast. the usual, the fog and then mid-70s menlo park. mid-60s downtown. and take to the afternoon to see the sun in san francisco. 73 in petaluma. and ukiah to the 9's. 77 in fremont. partly cloudy with temperatures just near 80 in walnut creek today. 82 in pleasanton. a little moisture coming in southern monterey county, could see an isolated thunderstorm. overall, a cooler than average forecast today and next several days with very steady numbers,
9:44 am
very little change. >> we urging into august and start heating up, right? >> yeah, hopefully, september, on this, maybe. >> there is a recent study for a treatment to limit damage from a heart attack. they say the technique known as therapeutic hypothermia is becoming more advanced. here is carolyn johnson with the details. [ siren ] when cardiac arrest patients are being rushed to the emergency room the clock is ticking, not just for their heart but their brains that can be vulnerable. so along with restoring heartbeat. e.r. teams are targeting body temperature. >> to cool it down. >> she is the charge nurse at california pacific medical center. initial steps place ice packs
9:45 am
and cooling blankets but her team employs a newer technology. a temperature controlled device used to inject a saline solution into the bloodstream. >> it cools everything down. it slows everything down. >> by cooling the brain you reduce the demand for both oxygen and glucose and prevents damage. >> the doctor heads up the department of emergency medicine. he says while the concept of cooling the body to protect the brain isn't new, the technology has become more effective. >> the goal is to reduce the core temperature which is normally at 37 degrees. you want to lower that to 32 degrees centigrade. the goal is to do that in first two or three hours. >> they are backing up the benefits of that five degree drop. it found that patients that survived, 92% showed no serious
9:46 am
neurological damage with the cooling protocol. that is 15% improvement over the standard protocol. researchers say the technique helps shield the brain in the first hours after full blood control. they hope it will be used for recovering heart attack patients. >> and doctors say once the body temperatures is lowered in heart attack patients, they are usually kept in that state for 24 hours and gradually re-warmed over an eight hour period. >> you may not know that 60,000 children were in foster care this past year. according to the public policy institute of california. that is why we're focusing a half-hour foster care programs that help young people on this weekend's edition of "beyond the headlines." the kids are bounced around a lot and they lose out on an
9:47 am
education. >> only 20% get to attend college. 20% versus 60% of the regular population. >> that is today right after this newscast at 10:00 on beyond the headlines here on abc7. don't go away. 7 on your side is up next. >> social security makes a simple mistake that proves costly for a purple heart recipient. i'm michael finney, finininininn
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
for a lot of americans, monthly social security check is a lifeline, it's the only significant means of support. that certainly is the case for a vietnam vet that fought for 14 months for a payment he never received. >> michael lives in a cramped studio apartment. he receives free rent from a friend. purple heart recipient has a pulmonary condition and is hooked up to an ex general machine. he applied for social security and received this notice awarding benefits. he was to get $561 beginning march 2010. >> i contacted social security and i was told they would reissue the check and have it sent to me. i've never got it. >> the benefit check for
9:51 am
subsequent months starting coming but the march check was a no-show. >> i was caught in a circle. it was just basically nothing to be done about it. >> social security said it did reissue a check to michael but it came back as undeliverable. they could not explain how all his subsequent check would get to him. 14 months passed. but that is when he contacted 7 on your side. we contacted the social security administration and he received the check within a week. it declined an on rearm interview but apologizes for any inconveniences that mr. peters has experienced as a result of delay in receiving his check. they recommended michael switch to direct deposit or direct express debit card to avoid future problems. michael, he is happy he got his
9:52 am
check. >> i guess it was just, sort of a relief. >> for michael getting his benefit check was about more than just the money. >> no longer feeling helpless to resolve a problem. >> by march 2013, all social security benefits must be received electronically with just a few exceptions. we have more information on our website. go to coming up next, the western frontier meets the final frontier on the aisle.ededededed
9:53 am
♪ [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl.
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[ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast. >> from astroids to cowboys and aliens, the movie starring hair rind is most anticipated blockbusters of the season but is it worth all that hype? here is don sanchez on the
9:55 am
aisle. >> you are doing fine. >> wow, shades of butch cassidy. the old west, harrison ford rules the town with an iron fist. then daniel craig shows up. >> he is one tough guy though. >> i don't want any trouble. >> right, clint -- but pow! aliens arrive and they mean business. they are after us. they rope people off like horses to study them.
9:56 am
>> she knows more than she is letting on. she has great eyes. >> but that again, the dialogue can't win an award but it boils down to last chance team effort against a force that seems unbeatable. >> this has everything you can imagine, genre, cowboys indians and aliens and great special effects. parts of silly and too long but it's still a rip rolling good time. i give it almost three-quarters of a bucket. i'm don sanchez and we'll see you on the aisle. >> he is animated there. >> how about that stuff about
9:57 am
the weather. >> absolutely. we've got some storm activity well east of the bay area but typical low clouds and fog. this is san jose, looking at sunshine and temperatures approaching 80 later on today. further south, 82 in morgan hill. gilroy, garlic festival should be a nice day but farther east, cumulus clouds and rain will stay to the east. and to central california, if you are traveling, be advised of that, we're in the 60s, 70s and 80s and cooler weather state. >> that is going to do it for us. i'm carolyn tyler with lisa argen. thank you so much for joining us. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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